84 SCA / sweet taste of dry bananas, cherries and cocoa, full round body, lower acidity
District: Kanyatsi, Kaghorwe, West Uganda
Altitude: 1200-1800 masl
Varietal: SL 28
Processing: washed, natural microlot
Area: 0,01 – 1 ha per farmer

We agreed to partner with one of small-sized cooperatives currently working with more than 1705 farmers of which women make 60%. 

One of the reasons why we selected this specific Cooperative was the fact that they were keen to develop further in terms of their attitude to the employees as well as environment. They invest in local community, for example build water distribution system in the village, and support local elementary school and farmers in reforestation of the hillsides. Coffee varieties grown in the Rwenzori mountains predominantly include SL14, SL 28 and Nyasaland.

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