REGION: Alto Mogiana, São Paulo

PERIOD: Since 2016, ongoing

  • Long-term cooperation with a family coffee farm, experimental microlots, environmental support, further education

Four years ago, we took off for Brazil, region Alto Mogiana, to visit Paulo Toledo Campos’ farms. This journey marked the beginning of our cooperation and friendship which have been growing ever since. Paulo and his son Paulinho paid several visits to the Prague Coffee Festival in order to get to know the European market and end consumers of their coffee. In 2018 and 2019, our cooperation evolved even further and we went to Brazil to process coffee from individual farms during the harvest time. We discussed how to improve quality of coffee processing and make several experimental microlots. For every upcoming year, we plan technical and mainly environmental improvements. Every year, we make specific plans regarding the individual microlots depending on the actual crop.

Being a grandson of a local coffee farmer, Paulo grew up on a coffee farm. However, Paulo’s parents were not interested in farming and sold their farms. So at the beginning, young Paulo had only one farm Bananal inherited from his grandfather but he had a great coffee vision. Today, Paulo and his two sisters own 9 farms of 320 hectares in total.

At 1050 masl, they grow three coffee varieties including Yellow Catuai, Red Mundo Nuovo and Catucaí.

We respect Paulo for his care about his employees. In addition to the basic health insurance, he provides them and even their families with supplemental health insurance. In addition, he footed the bill for several of his farmer’s kids education, giving them better opportunities in the labor market.

Since 2016 we have agreed on several changes:

  • improving quality of microlot coffee by accurate collection and systematic sorting
  • improving consistency of the coffee, dust control
  • regular technology cleaning and maintenance
  • ecological changes on the farm: cleaning the water source, planting different types of trees

Goals for the next seasons are:

  • decontamination of the waste water from coffee
  • improving quality consistency
  • system for water treatment
  • experimental microlots
  • creating drinking fountains for birds
  • organic production on on a part of the farm


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