Coffee Embassy EU offers unique specialty coffees from 3 destinations – Nicaragua, Brazil and Uganda.

You can choose from naturals, washed microlots or microlot naturals or some special fermentation. 
Please find information about our actual coffee offer below.
We send green coffee from one bag all over the world from Prague, Czech Republic, EU.
Please feel free to write us for samples (green or roasted)  daniel@coffeeembassy.eu

CountryNameLot/FarmRegionCup. scoreProcessingDescriptionVariety
Fazenda Olhos D’água /OLDA/LOT 3Pedregulhio, Alta MogianaSCA 84,5Natural MicrolotNougat, mango and tropical fruits, sweetness of molasses sugar, great body, sweet acidityAraňas
Fazenda Olhos D’água /OLDA/LOT 6Pedregulhio, Alta MogianaSCA 82NaturalCocoa, nuts, delicious and balanced, pleasantly fresh, medium bodyMundo Nuovo
Fazenda Olhos D’água /OLDA/LOT 7Pedregulhio, Alta MogianaSCA 80NaturalTaste of nougat, mango and fruits, sweetness of molasses sugar, great body, sweet acidityMundo Nuovo
Fazenda Olhos D’água /OLDA/LOT 12Pedregulhio, Alta MogianaSCA 82NaturalFresh taste of cocoa and fruitiness, fresh acidity, full bodyCatuai Amarelo
Norlan ChavarríaLinda VistaEl Tabaco community, El Cuá, JinotegaSCA 86,5NaturalWell balanced, round taste of cocoa and cherries, nougat afteraste, good acidity and heavy, round bodySarchimor
Salomon ChavarríaEl ProgressoEl Tabaco community, El Cuá, JinotegaSCA 86NaturalFruity taste of pear and aloe with caramel, very juicy, realy perfect, great sweet, very nice creamy bodySarchimor
Nelson LopezLinda VistaPala Quemada, Aranjuez, MatagalpaSCA 86Washed microlotTropical fruit, candies, good body, live acidityRed Caturra
Carmela LopezEl PinoEl Porvenir, Aranjuez, MatagalpaSCA 84Washed microlotChocolate, creamy, herbs, lemon grass, medium body, nice acidityRed Caturra
Margarita & LuisLas HermanasEl Porvenir, MatagalpaSCA 86Washed microlotJuicy, green apples, kiwi, medium body, bright acidityRed Caturra
RwenzoriKanyatsi, KaghorweRwenzori Mountains, KaseseSCA 84WashedSweet taste of dry bananas, cherries and cocoa, full round body, lower aciditySL28
RwenzoriKanyatsi, KaghorweRwenzori Mountains, KaseseSCANatural microlotSL28