REGION: Rwenzori Mountains, 1100–1700 masl

PERIOD: Since 2019, ongoing 

  • Cooperation with small-sized farmers, experimental processing, unique microlots
  • Technical and environmental support for partnering coffee farmers and their families.  

In October 2019, we set off on our first ever journey to Uganda. With the support of mamacoffee and Czech Development Agency we mapped the local coffee situation in Rwenzori region.

We visited several farmers communities and studied the feasibility of the future plan- founding own experimental farm with washing station.

By the end of our journey, we decided to partner with one of small-sized cooperatives currently working with more than 1705 farmers of which women make 60%. 

In December 2019, our colleagues Jakub and Lukas traveled to Uganda to look after proper coffee processing on the spot. They primarily focused on:

  • cooperation with small-sized farmers
  • system of collecting and accepting ripe cherries
  • fine-tuning of all processing steps (colour sorting, depulping, drying in 1 layer, storage)
  • ensuring cleanliness 
  • technical support: expansion of the coffee drying area, building drying hall and extra african beds
  • communication with farmers about picking ripe cherries 

Funds gained from Prague Coffee Festival raffle 2019 will be invested in purchasing the shade trees for the farmers in this region (April 2020). 

One of the reasons why we selected this specific Cooperative was the fact that they were keen to develop further in terms of their attitude to the employees as well as environment. They invest in local community, for example build water distribution system in the village, and support local elementary school and farmers in reforestation of the hillsides. Coffee varieties grown in the Rwenzori mountains predominantly include SL14, SL 28 and Nyasaland. 

Meanwhile, Jakub and Lukas set the stage for the upcoming major project of own experimental farm and coffee washing station (planned for 2020/21). 

  Goals of the Rwenzori experimental farm:

  • strengthening of the farmers capacities by exchanging know-how, agronomic practices
  • improving  the quality of coffee
  • small technology support
  • promotion of coffee and its marketing
  • purchase and processing of coffee
  • other crop opportunities (vanilla, cocoa, shade trees, bees)
  • securing stable suppliers by long term cooperation 
  • experiment different types of processing and planting, unique microlots

We are looking for partner roasteries for this project.

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