86 SCA / tropical fruit, candies, good body, live acidity
District: Pala Quemada, Aranjuez, Matagalpa department
Altitude: 1300 masl
Processing: washed
Varietal: Red Caturra
Processing: washed
Area: 2.5 ha

My brothers and I used to work for a big coffee estate, but we got tired of it.

My first step into the coffee business was cultivating 300 plants at the highest point of my farm. I have a friend who knows quite a lot about coffee. He helped me choose the right seeds and also answered some of the questions I had about coffee farming.

Every afternoon after work, we would go see the coffee plants. One day, we were talking about possibly cultivating more coffee plants and doing more things on our own when we noticed the stunning view of the entire zone from where we were standing on the farm. The view was absolutely beautiful and this is where the name Linda Vista comes from.

Currently, we produce coffee, roses and more than ten different types of flowers, which help with coffee production when bees pollinate the flowers. We are able to buy groceries from our earnings. We also produce carrots, but unfortunately we have to rent land for it because we don’t have any more space at Linda vista.

You can find more info about Nelson’s coffee here!

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