Project Colombia

REGION: more regions

PERIOD: in preparation, full project from season 2021-2022

  • Cooperation with small-sized farmers and one washing station, experimental processing, unique microlots
  • Social and other support for small-sized coffee farmers

An intensive search for three to four smaller coffee farmers and one bigger washing station is currently underway in various parts of Colombia. It’s the right time to contact us, if you have any special requests for your Colombian coffee, for example regarding the processing method, coffee flavor profile and so on. We will keep you updated about the progress of our cooperation with Colombian farmers and the upcoming harvest.

You will definitely have a lot to choose from because the diversity of coffees and flavor profiles across Colombia is tremendous. Colombian coffee has a global reputation for having a rich yet mild flavor. However, not all Colombian coffees have the same flavor profile. Heavy bodied, balanced acidity coffee is grown in central Colombia, while even heavier, richer, and less acidic coffee flavors are produced in the eastern, more mountainous regions. 

Traditionally, the majority of coffees from Colombia have been processed using the fully washed method. However, the farmers have been recently more and more open to experimenting with other processing methods – honey’s, naturals, and different kinds of fermentation. 

The main goals of this project are:

  • Sustainable, long term cooperation with coffee farmers
  • To help the farmers improve coffee quality by exchanging know-how and supporting other education (cupping their own coffees, experimental processing, etc.)
  • Regular communication with the farmers and feedback from our side and from our partner roasteries
  • Direct trade to ensure fair prices paid to the farmers and sustainability of the project
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