We represent what coffee is all about and all those who associate themselves with coffee. We believe that great coffee is always the result of great teamwork.

Who are we?
We’re baristas, coffee tasters, buyers, roasters, coffee growers, farmers, anthropologists and social workers and we have loads of combined experience in the field. We know coffee!

We have three main projects in Brazil, Nicaragua and Myanmar/Burma.

In Brazil we work with Paulo Toledo Campos in Franca, Alta Mogiana, Sao Paulo State.

In Nicaraugua we work at Matagalpa area.

In Myanmar we work with small farmers in Taunggyi District in Shan State.

All our farmers in Nicaragua and Myanmar have one thing in common – they are too small to enter the international specialty coffee market. This is the reason why we have decided to help them with their harvest and buy coffee from them.

For make the business fair for both worlds of coffee, we are teaching producers the art of specialty coffee process so they can gain more money. At the same time we made fair trade with the results of the training stimulating our farmers to produce coffee that the roasters deserve.

If you‘re interested in trying any samples of our coffee, please let us know.