Coffee cherries

Coffee cherries from farm of Carmela Lopez (Nicaragua)

Coffee cherries

Coffee cherries from farm of Nelson Lopez (Nicaragua)

Drying of coffee cherries

Drying of coffee cherries

Coffee on the way to dry mill

From farm of Dora & Miguel

At the mill

Great natural coffee (Matagalpa, Nicaragua)


Fazenda Santa Mariana is place where Paulo lives with his family. It was the second coffee farm that Paulo bought in 1986. At that time it was very neglected and it was the place where actually starts Paulo’s coffee history. The farm had to be totally renovated and replanted with coffee trees. On the edge of it runs small stream around which is kept wild nature and trees so it can be habitat for small monkeys sagui and bujiu and many birds.

Total size of Santa Mariana farm is 40 ha with 20% of entire space kept as wild. Farm has two different coffee varieties mainly Mundo Nuovo, but also Catuai. Manager of the farm is George who lives with his and two other families at the farm. Entire farm has a system of water irrigation.

Farmer: Paulo Toledo Campos with family
District: Cristais Paulista, Alta Mogiana
Altitude: 1020 meters
Processing: Natural, microlots
Varietals: Red Mundo Nuovo, Catuai Amarelo,
Soil type: Sandy
Temperature range: 19,6°C
Water source: rain, irrigation